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  • Comfortable within a mature Rails codebase.
  • Take an active role in breaking large projects down into deliverable pieces.
  • Maintain clear and accurate documentation.
  • Consider the performance impacts of your technical choices.
  • Participate in architectural decisions and refactorings.
  • Review and test your teammates’ pull requests.
  • Contribute to and maintain our existing Rspec test suites.


  • Flexible working hours (from 8/10 a.m. till 5/7 p.m.)
  • The company partially reimburses costs for the conferences, books, courses, certifications, etc.
  • Compensation is usually up to 50%, but we can make an arrangement individually
  • We appreciate mature soft skills, so we are trying to cultivate them with the help of different tasks and quests
  • We can reimburse up to 50% of your English language expenses
  • Once a year, there is a salary review according to your efficiency and professional growth
  • We have no overtimes because of great time-management. But there are a rare force majeures, and if you stay an additional hour at work today, tomorrow you could go home earlier.

Offer Details


25000 - 80000 UAH


09 September 2020


Knowledge of RoR architecture

Ruby syntax

HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery / Turbolinks

Understanding the SOLID principles / OOP

Ability to build apps with a client-server architecture


Intermediate English or higher level. (It is possible to have pre-intermediate if you would have high-grade technical skills and you are ready to tighten the language)

Experience in commercial application development on Ruby on Rails 2+ years (exactly RoR, not all languages).

Knowledge of RSpec (highly desirable) or Minitests.

The ability to customize deployment tools.

Experience with GIT, Nginx, Puma, UNIX, etc.

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Our Team


We support each other, we love what we do, and we’re really good at it. That’s why we’ve been able to attract the best people in UX/UI design, motion graphics, mobile tech, project management, and quality assurance. It’s also why the size of our team doubles every two years.

But it’s not summer camp. Our staff are professionals who can and often do work closely with our clients’ own developers. Delivering on time and on spec is just a matter of course.

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