Fuel delivery

Mobile app for curbside fuel delivery

Custom iOS and Android mobile apps for the company that delivers fuel direct to parked cars on behalf of car-sharing companies and private clients




Ruby on Rails







Print design
Information architecture
Web development
Mobile development
API & Integrations

The Challenge

Back in 2016, we met a client with an ambitious idea: give users the ability to order fuel via smartphone, so the company can fill tanks of their parked cars even when a car owner is not there. This business model included elements of logistics, e-commerce, and location-based mobility. Oh boy.

The Solution

Giving the founders a chance to concentrate on business development and in-house team building, Everlabs was meeting their software needs. Within just three months, we delivered a solid MVP. The intuitive UX concealed a complex backend connecting fuel service with users through numerous mobile devices.

The Result

Although it began as a primarily B2C operation, the fuel service proved so useful that it won a lot of B2B clients. Carsharing companies and other corporate clients quickly realized its utility, raising the share of its B2B revenue up to 95% within a year. In mid-2018, the company exited through a purchase by one of the local market leaders. CEO was five stars worth of happy.

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