Onboarding staff worldwide via app

Onboarding staff worldwide via app






Ruby on Rails



Web development
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The Challenge

Trainual is an Arizona-based SaaS company providing training and knowledge transfer solutions. The company offers a simple solution for creating interactive training manuals, building scalable processes, and testing employee knowledge. But to keep teams accountable, the application needed to be fast and flexible.

The Solution

In collaboration with Everlabs’ code ninjas, the Trainual dev squads have built a desktop and mobile-friendly web application that can be updated in real-time. The Trainual team spearheads a unique solution that allows companies to easily access, search, and track their tribal knowledge--all in one app.

The Result

Since launching in 2018, Trainual has secured $6.75M in Series A funding and earned the right to call themselves the #1 Training Software in the world. Today, Trainual is trusted by over 4k companies in 120+ countries to keep their teams aligned and accountable. We’re super excited to continue working with Trainual into the future!

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